Our care - Betsy Clara House nursing home Maidstone

At Betsy Clara we provide the highest standards of support in a happy, stimulating and loving Home. As a family run company, relationships are important to us and we foster relationships with friends, families as well as the healthcare professionals that work in or visit the Home to ensure that care can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual. By taking the time to truly understand each resident and people who are important to them, we are able to take a person centred approach to care which ensures the needs of our residents are met while maintaining dignity and respect. It's our aim to provide the care and support that our residents need in order to lead a comfortable life, to make independent choices and be actively involved in their own care.

Betsy Clara - Where we promote diversity, opportunities, support and care in a safe environment

Becoming a part of the family
Each resident is welcomed with warmth
They are treated as individuals
Sharing music, mealtimes and memories
Yet retaining their sense of self
Communication is key on all sides
Laughter, smiles and a sense of fun
Always considering how scared they may be
Residents deserve to feel safe and secure
At home, in their home, BETSY CLARA
by a member of the Betsy Clara Team

Activities and lifestyle

We encourage individuals at the Home to fulfil their potential and lead an active life as part of the community. We have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who ensures that individuals can participate in activities tailored to them on a daily basis, as part of a group or as an individual. Aside from the daily programme we have weekly events from external groups e.g. singers. It is the ethos of the Home that every moment has potential for a resident to be stimulated and engaged to fulfil their social needs.


At Betsy Clara we have fantastic qualified chefs who have experience of catering for care home residents. Our aim is to provide delicious, nutritionally balanced meals for all our residents therefore, all our meals are freshly prepared with menus designed around the diets and personal preferences of our residents.

Daily care

Our dedicated care staff are passionate about the work they do and are well placed to take care of our resident's needs. They receive regular training to support individuals living in the Home to lead as independent a life as possible and to provide the correct level of support where required.

Nursing care

Experienced nurses are on site 24 hours a day.

Dementia care

All our staff are trained to support individuals living with dementia and have an understanding of the emotional support required. They are able to utilise a range of listening and communication skills to build up trusting relationships that provide each resident with security and familiarity.