At Betsy Clara we promote diversity, opportunities, support and care in a safe environment.

Who We Care For

All our staff are trained to support individuals living with dementia and have an understanding of the emotional support required. They are able to utilise a range of listening and communication skills to build up trusting relationships that provide each resident with security and familiarity.

Our Team

Our amazing team promote a relaxing atmosphere of care and support which both encourages and enables our residents to live as fulfilled, interesting and independent a lifestyle as possible.

We measure the success of what we do by the feedback we receive from our residents, their loved ones and the many professionals who visit us. As well as reassuring us that our services are working well, it provides ideas and inspiration to improve.
Around Betsy Clara House


Integrum Care Group

Integrum Care Group represents a family of 6 care homes across the South East of England. Based in Hythe, Kent, we employ over 475 people and care for over 300 residents.

Our goal is to grow our family of care homes to a total of 10 homes across the South East providing best in class care for all those we look after.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?